22nd October 2021
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Who we are & what we do


Arturo Lawson MSc MCSP MMACP

Arturo is the clinic director. Qualified in 1988 from West Middlesex University Hospital, he worked in the Health Service at Edgware, Finchley and Barnet Hospitals dealing with a range of conditions including back and neck disorders, frozen shoulders and post-operative rehabilitation. He obtained a Post-graduate Diploma in Manipulation in 1994, becoming a member of the MACP. He became a part-time private practitioner in 1997, sharing the time with teaching undergraduate physiotherapy at Brunel University which he still does today, teaching physiology and clinical subjects in the musculoskeletal field.

He also had involvement with semi-pro football and young elite tennis players, developing a special interest in lower limb biomechanics and knee problems of mechanical origin. He completed a Master of Science degree at University College London in 2002 and his research focused on knee pain.

Following his interest in lower limb mechanics, Arturo assesses patients using Video Gait Analysis which involves using video and computer software designed to observe movement in slo-mo to highlight faults. Having attended training in podiatric biomechanics, he uses orthotic device provision to help improve movement patterns when relevant.

Michelle Cuthbert MCSP SRP
Qualified in 1991, she worked in the Health service at University College Hospital and Queen Mary’s Hospital treating a wide range of orthopaedic and musculoskeletal conditions. In 1994, she pursued her interest in Sports Medicine and became physiotherapist to Richmond Rugby Football Club.

In 1997, she became Head Physiotherapist treating the elite professional squad at the time. She is currently studying a Masters Degree in Sports Physiotherapy at Southbank University and her area of interest is rehabilitation and exercise.

Based on over 10 years experience working within rugby, she stresses the importance of exercise for stability, strengthening and control in her approach to treatment. She is has also completed courses on Speed-Agility-Quickness (SAQ), which is often incorporated into her treatment programmes.

How We Treat

Physiotherapists have a wide range of skills to suit your particular problems. Treatment directed at addressing the contributing factors that result in injury is most efficient at solving problems.

Manipulation and mobilisation of joints to relieve stiffness and pain. Soft tissue release techniques and traction to improve flexibility, posture and function.

Massage comes under various forms of application some of which come under conventional physiotherapy techniques. The techniques used allow for gentle or deep soft tissue release as required. Massage helps improve circulation and reduce post-exercise soreness. It also increases flexibility, releases tight muscles and therefore enhances overall sports performance.

The clinic has Ultrasound machines which help resolve soft tissue injury by promotion of healing and recovery and therefore reduce pain.
Biofeedback machines and muscle stimulators are available to help retrain muscles which are not working correctly.


These techniques and exercises are based on the activation of the deep abdominal and low back muscles to protect the spine, through exercise. The results are, improved posture and body shape, reduced back pain, neck pain and headaches, and enhanced sports performance.
We have established links with Pilates instructors in the area who can supplement the training received from physiotherapy to optimise muscle function in everyday life.

Who we are & what we do #01

Who we are & what we do #02RUNNING/WALKING (GAIT) RETRAINING
With the use of Video Analysis, we can help retrain and restore the movement patterns that relate to normal walking and running. Most sports involve running to some degree and if your running form is not optimal, it can lead to common problems of overuse to tendons and joints.

We can provide simple and cost effective off-the-shelf orthotic devices which can be moulded to suit the individual based on dynamic and static foot posture. This can be an useful adjunct to muscle retraining and movement re-education in activities such as running

Who we are & what we do #03REHABILITATION
Physiotherapists are skilled in advice and
education for a variety of muscular and joint
problems. We can prescribe specific exercises
to help reduce pain, improve strength and
endurance, returning you to full function and
sporting ability. We have a fully equipped gym
adjacent to the clinic for this purpose.

This technology is useful for identifying movement faults and then helping retrain for specific actions, whether it is running, a golf swing or a swimming stroke. Any muscle weakness that is identified can then be worked on with exercises.

Other types of movement analysis is also possible, such as a golf swing, cycling positioning and technique (with use of an Ergo-trainer) and a multitude of everyday, non-sporting activity.
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